Happy New Year

It’s been a very confusing week. Mummy asked why we hadn’t posted on Monday. I said, ‘when is Monday?’ I’m Roscoe, of course.

So Bertie said ‘we’re doing a post on Wednesday’.

That’s today – New Year’s Day! The start of 2020. And by my reckoning, not the start of a new decade, ‘cos that can’t happen until the end of 2020. Ten is the end of a decade, not the start of one. Eleven is the start of a new decade. Apparently silly humans are arguing about it because 20 starts with 2.

Bertie suggested we have new year’s resolutions.

Bertie: I will eat all my pellets up by morning. (No change there then)

Biggles: I will get more exercise. (That would be good for you, Biggles, and I encourage you in that.)

Neville: Is still thinking about it. Not that he’s slow, he just wants to make it something worth doing.

Me: I will try not to push Neville around so much, but that rather depends on whether Bertie gets me all riled up during floor time.

Roscoe and Neville get grass
Roscoe and Neville get fresh grass

I expect you want to know what we got for Christmas. Nev and I got a new grassy tunnel, which is lovely and chewy. There’s also a bundle of grassy sticks, which we havent tried yet.

Biggles got a grassy box which he’s enjoying a lot. He makes the same noise chewing it as we do with our grassy tunnel.

Bertie got a grassy bundle of sticks. He doesn’t think much of it.

I asked the others whether we should get Mam to make some new year resolutions. Nev said we should suggest some for her, so here goes.

Mam should spend more time running around the house and less time at the computer. (me)

Mummy should eat more lettuce and cucumber instead of giving it all to us. (Bertie)

Mummy should spend more time cuddling me. (Biggles)

Mam should do all the things she needs to do to move house without worrying about us. (Neville)

I suppose Nev’s got it right there. We know Mam will think of us but she shouldn’t worry about us. We’ll just go along with whatever 2020 brings.

I hope you have a nice year, and manage to cope with whatever happens.

Love from all of us.

Bertie, Biggles, Neville and me, Roscoe


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy new year. If you had the bangy things where you are, I hope you weren’t scared. I wasn’t. I just played and ignored them. I had my toys, my food and water, and the TV, so I didn’t care.

    Those sound like good resolutions. I don’t have one, but I like yours. Also, me and the Mummy human agree that the decade doesn’t start until 2021. But she says not to tel anyone, because she doesn’t want to get involved in the arguing about it.

    She says to tell you guys she read and reviewed book 9 of your series though. At least, she hopes the review went on the Smashwords place too, because she had some trouble with that.

    Squeak soon,


  2. hilarymb

    Happy New Year to you all … sounds like lots happening in 2020 – take care and enjoy yourselves … certainly not worrying is a sensible choice … all the best Hilary


  3. Auntie Dawn

    Happy New Year, boys! Love you!

    Mummy’s doing very well, with all the things she’s got going on. Maybe she should resolve to get more rest.

    “We’re perfect. We don’t need to make any resolutions.”
    –Digby and Augustus




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