I is for Ideas, sadly lacking, and Ignorance

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Way-aye! Roscoe here again.

We’re up to I in the A to Z weekly blog challenge.  And I’m all out of IDEAS.

I spotted ISLE of Mull, but Bertie blogged about that last week under Holidays.

Then I was talking to Auntie Vikki the other day and the matter of IGNORANCE turned up.  Auntie Vikki used to run a rescue, but she got so tired of ill-treated piggies, or people dropping off piggies they didn’t want any more because the children had lost INTEREST. How can anyone lose interest in someone like me?

Auntie Vikki with Neville

Well, it’s a good question, because I have personal experience of IGNORANCE.

Neville and I were just left in the house we lived in.  JUST LEFT! I have no idea whether we did something wrong, or we weren’t exciting enough for the kiddies.  They seemed to enjoy playing with us when they did, and that was quite often.  I was generally on my best behaviour with them.

But then we were left, all alone. Why couldn’t she take us to the local rescue?  The lady there could have helped us.  Was she too ashamed? I’d be more ashamed of just abandoning someone.  She didn’t leave her children behind and they seemed much more trouble than we were.

In one way we were lucky, though.  The landlord man came in the next day and found us.  He made sure we had hay and water and he contacted the nice lady at NEGPR.  We stayed in the house for a bit with the landlord popping in to say hello and top up our food, then we went to a foster home, and then we went to the rescue.  And then Mam found us and came all the way to Newcastle to pick us up.

Neville and Roscoe settle in

But we did better than Humphrey and Hector.  They are legends.  They were left in their house when their carers moved out AND TOLD NOBODY!  How can anyone do that?  H&H weren’t found for a MONTH. They were starving. Hector had even been eating Humphrey’s hair.  He was no more than a babe then, and that’s why Mam always put up with him being such an angry pig. He eventually learned to trust her, as we all do.

Hector and Humphrey

Mam says everyone knows nothing to start with, but some people are ignorant and decide not to learn. She says she’s still learning.

Well, she’s learnt her lessons pretty well so far, even if she doesn’t always give me enough time to relieve myself before she picks me up for my morning cuddle.  That’s why I pick at her sleeve to get away sometimes.  See, that’s another bit of ignorance gone, because when she reads this, she’ll understand.

Thanks for letting me get all that off me chest.

Bertie’s got a special guest next week.  I’ve got to start thinking of what to say for the letter K.  It’s hard, this alphabet thing.

Have a good week


Roscoe xx


3 thoughts on “I is for Ideas, sadly lacking, and Ignorance

  1. It makes my human caretakers sad when people do things like that. They say they know there are often valid reasons why you can’t keep a pet – they’ve had a few situations where they haven’t been able to keep someone – but we all agree you should at least make sure to find someone else who can take care of them. If you can’t actually find them a new forever home yourself, at least take them to a rescue place. Even if you don’t learn all about what care needs a pet needs – which you should at least try to do before getting them, and continue to afterwards – you should at least know living things need food and water, and leaving animals who can’t fend for themselves somewhere like that is very bad. Squeak soon, Joshua

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    These stories are too upsetting to me. I can’t even discuss them.

    There’s another I that’s common around here: INSISTENT.

    These boys. Sigh.

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  3. It’s just beyond understanding, even closely, how anyone can abandon a living creature. Guinea pig ignorance is rampant. Even on products at the pet store. Wheels have pictures of Guinea pigs! And, how many times are they called hamsters? Like the words are one and the same.

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