Ups and Downs

Hello, Bertie here again.

I’m having a wonderful time back upstairs in my old cage-run. We came up here last week, as Roscoe told you. I love it here. I can snooze in my tunnel, watching Mummy working at the computer right in front of me. She’s done a lot of that this week, although a lot of the time she’s just been staring at the screen. Sometimes she puts her head on one side and frowns, or puts her chin on her fist and goes, “hmm”. I don’t know what it means.

She’s happy, though, and she says she’s finished editing now. I think that means her new book is nearly ready. It’s not about us, though. I wish she’d write a book about me.

She’s written several books about Dylan and Dougall. There are some short stories about them on Mull, although they never got there. Dylan and Dougall would have been seven years old tomorrow. That’s really old. Apparently Colman got to his seventh birthday but he’s the only one.

Neville looks like Dylan and Dougall, Mummy says, but he’s more like Dougall in personality. I’m getting more like Dylan as we grow older, she says. I think that’s a compliment.

Biggles is getting an extension to his run tomorrow. We’ll show you pictures next time.

3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’m glad you’re happy with the new cage arrangements.

    My human caretakers spend lots of time going “Hmmm…” at the computer screen too. Especially the Mummy human. I don’t know why either.

    Oh, and you definitely deserve a book of your own. I’m in some books. I’m mentioned in two with my brothers, and have another all by myself where we used my nickname of “Buddy” instead of my real name, just to make sure people knew it wasn’t part of the pair of books I’m in with my brothers. There are a couple of poems about me in some of the Mummy human’s poetry collections too.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    My Augustus wants to know when he’s getting a book. In this book he should be emperor, he says, as befits his name. I mentioned that Mummy’s existing books don’t really have emperors, just kings, but he doesn’t find that fact compelling.

    Sigh. ❤

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