Trouble and Strife

Percy here today. It’s been a difficult week. Mummy spent a lot of the time out – even stayed out two nights (Wednesday and Saturday). She left us lots of food so we were fine, but we got a bit tetchy and nervous.

Bertie was a pain, particularly on Friday. Mummy was in then, and told him to behave. He kept chattering at Midge; then Midge got upset and started jumping on me. He’s not as heavy as he was, but he’s still too heavy for me and, besides, I don’t need the attention! So I got cross with Midge. Mummy took him out of the run and put him in a carry box to cool off. He was a lot better for a while, then after Mummy said goodnight, he started again. Mummy came in to us and put him back in the box till morning! He grumbled about that, but he was fine in the morning.

Bertie was still being a pain on Saturday, but we put up with him a bit better. Mummy says he’s going through “a stage” and he’ll grow out of it. He’d better do that soon. Mummy threatened to swap him over with Biggles, who we get on with much better.

Another thing he did on Saturday: he went out of the back door! Only Hugo has ever done that before. Mummy heard a noise out on the patio while she was cuddling Oscar. She went to look, and saw Bertie coming back in!

Well, at least he was back inside. She’ll be keeping a good eye on him in future.

Dylan used to roam the garden, checking up on everyone, but he never went outside on his own. He knew it is Not Allowed. I just hope Bertie has learnt that now. He’ll get into real trouble if he’s not careful.


We come out of mourning for Kevin tomorrow. It’s been seven weeks already. It seems a long time in some ways. Mummy says she still misses him loads. But we might have birthday cake on Wednesday – that’s Mummy’s birthday.

3 thoughts on “Trouble and Strife

  1. My goodness, Percy, it sounds like there was a lot of business going on. Bertie sounds like he is a typical teenager – trying his wings in unexpected ways. Do keep an eye on him! He could become an escape artist!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Hugo never cared about what was Not Allowed, did he? It didn’t even register with him. He would do what he would do, and too bad if Mummy didn’t like it. I miss him and his clone, Mariusz. Rascally, adorable pigs.

    Augustus here is going through a “stage.” The last time we put him in for a playdate with his big brother, he got very pushy and snippy. However, he’s becoming very affectionate and relaxed with me and his dad, so maybe he’s maturing and coming out of the stage.

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