W for Wheeking very loudly #AtoZChallenge

Hark the Herald Kevin Sings
Hark the Herald Kevin Sings

Hello! I’m Kevin.  I’m a ginger and white guinea pig and I look after both George’s Guinea Pig World and our Facebook page.  Percy and I have been sharing the workload for our A to Z Challenge this year, and I’ll be doing this last week.

Our theme is “Our Favourite Things” – and I hope you’re not tired out from all this blog-visiting!

wW is for Wheeking very loudly

Wheeking is one of the noisiest noises we make.  It’s a very loud squeak, calling for attention, preferably with food attached.  Mummy says most of us haven’t been very noisy pigs, and her friends all say their pigs wheek a lot.  We whicker a lot, or chatter, or mutter, and Midge has a very private conversation with Mummy every morning when she picks him up for their cuddle.

But Percy!  Percy is the loudest piggy there’s ever been here.  And he wheeks a lot.  Although perhaps Dougall wheeked just as loud when he wheeked, which wasn’t often, and it usually meant he was confused about something.  I think he wheeked loudly because he was deaf, so he didn’t know how loud he was.  Percy just wheeks to get attention.  He is very noisy when he thinks it’s cucumber time, or breakfast time, or Mummy’s late for something else.  I tell you, he’s loud even when I’m upstairs and he’s down in the kitchen.  He’s THAT loud.


If we can find any videos where someone is wheeking, we’ll let you know.

Tomorrow it’s the letter X.  That’s Xciting!

2 thoughts on “W for Wheeking very loudly #AtoZChallenge

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’d put Augustus up against Percy any day. Gussie is LOUD, the loudest pig we’ve ever had.

    Mariusz was fairly vocal, then we had a succession of non-wheekers: Saku, Willoughby, Atticus and Roland. Then Digby arrived and showed us how strong his vocal chords were. He even got the previously quiet Atticus in on the wheeking. But we weren’t ready for Augustus, who is shriller and louder and more demanding than Digby.

    Peepers and Tweek the conures shriek, setting off Augustus, who then sets off Digby. I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t complained


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