F for Fingers #AtoZChallenge


Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live with Bertie & Biggles in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

fF is for Fingers

I know it sounds funny, but we love Mummy’s fingers.  Most of us like to sit with our foot on her finger.  It makes us feel secure.  They are also nice to sniff when she puts them in my cage in the morning.  I know she wants me to stand on them so she can pick me up, but I like to lick them first, just to check.

We always feel safe in Mummy’s hands.  It’s nice to feel safe.  I checked with the others and we all have slightly different positions for our preferred carry-place, but we all like to have one foot firmly on Mummy’s finger.  A foot on the pulse, as it were.

Kevin in the fingers

Mummy says she likes the feel of our feet on her fingers too.

Apparently George used to groom the side of her first finger when he was being cuddled, and Kevin says he grooms her fingers too.

So it’s not just me.

Come back tomorrow for the letter G


10 thoughts on “F for Fingers #AtoZChallenge

    1. I know what you mean, I’m living with Bertie & Biggles at the moment and they scurry around like nobody’s business. I’m very sedate, and so are Kevin and Midge. I think when us furry animals are small, it can be quite scary. Once we’re my size, we’re very cuddlable.
      Thank you for visiting, though, Jaish.


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