Bertie crossed to the top run

I’ve got a foot and Mummy’s got a lump

Hello, Bertie here again. Roscoe and I have been discussing the strange white patch on Mummy's cheek, but he didn't want to talk about it.  I think he didn't want Mummy (he calls her 'Mam') to be embarrassed about it. I don't think she's embarrassed about it.  She's been talking to everyone just as she …

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F for Fingers #AtoZChallenge

Hello and welcome to George's Guinea Pig World.  I'm Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live with Bertie & Biggles in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin. Our A to Z theme …

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