Boring week but nice yesterday

It was a very dull week.  There wasn’t any sunshine till Saturday.  Mummy was out till very very late on Saturday.  She said she was going to Norwich, but she was very late home, like she is when she goes to London.  She said the car park was gridlocked.  I don’t know what that means.

She did go to the other garden on Saturday too. She brought us in a huge amount of grass and mini-flowers.  I like some of the mini-flowers, but not others.  I finished most of the grass while she was out.  She remembered to give us our bedtime cucumber when she came in, which was nice of her.  It was many many hours later than usual, though.  I shouldn’t start complaining about the service, though.  It’s better than my old place.  Well, different.  I liked my old place, and the rabbit was nice, I just didn’t want to live with a rabbit, however nice he was.

We spent all afternoon in the garden yesterday.  It was nice in the sun under our shade or not, but once the sun went behind the trees it got cool quickly.  Mummy brought us in when that happened.  She left our runs out, though, so I hope that means more grass time tomorrow.

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    Yes, Mummy told me she went to a concert on Saturday night, and I saw the photos. It looks like she had a great time. Mummies need to be let out once in a while to have fun, or else they get edgy.

    Good reporting, P. XO

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