Who’s in charge now?

It’s all very strange here since Dylan went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday.

You know, Dylan thought he was in charge, and went around telling us all what to do, and in our own ways we told him he wasn’t and to shut up.  And now we’re all wandering around, wondering what to do.  How can that be?  Was he really that bossy?  Mummy is nodding; I think he bossed her about too.

Midge is back up here.  He’s a very patient person, up, down, up, down, but I think he prefers it up here.  He’s sitting by the panels between our cages, watching me do this post, but yesterday morning when I went over to say good morning to him he bopped me on the nose through the bars.  That wasn’t very friendly!  He apologised, and went over to the other side to sulk.  He was like that all through his laptime, so Mummy said, when she saw my nose and put some honey-cream on it.  It’s only a spot, nothing drastic, like when Colman and I fell out.

After Mummy’s experiment with Percy and Oscar in the same cage went wrong, she’s given up the idea of pairing them up, and Percy has gone into Dylan & Dougall’s cage.  He doesn’t realise what an honour that is.  Not only is it the original cage, the home of the great Fred and George, but he’s also got the use of their hammock.  Dyl thought it was his hammock, but I checked with Victor a long time ago, and he said, no, it was originally George’s although D&D were the first ones to actually sit in it, not under it.

So Percy is a bit wary of his new surroundings, although he’s settling in okay.  Mummy moved Oscar’s grassy hutch so he could sit on it and talk to Percy through the bars when he was in his hammock, but apparently they haven’t worked that out yet.

I suppose they need Dylan to tell them what to do.

Oh, well.  I suppose we’ll get used to it.  I wish Mummy would stop calling me Dyl, though.

Dylan aged 3

3 thoughts on “Who’s in charge now?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m sure you’ll sort it all out.

    I felt that way when Mariusz left. I had no one to rumble at me, to push me (literally — he tried to push me out of the way!), to tell me what to do, to say “Pfft” at things he didn’t like. His successor Willoughby came along soon enough and kept me busy. ❤

    Percy is getting cuter and cute. He reminds me of my Roland.


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