Mummy’s got an URI

That’s an Upper Respiratory Infection.  She’s making horrid coughing noises, and her voice is a bit funny, and she keeps blowing her nose.  She’s put Vicks on her nose which I think is helping her breathe.  Dylan says Vicks helps him breathe, so Mummy must know what she’s doing.  She usually does.  She wasn’t feeling well on Thursday either, because she had to have a tooth root out.  Dylan says maybe that’s what he needs, and Mummy told him she’d talked to Dr Sally about it while she was waiting for the bus to come home from the dentist.  Mummy does strange things.  I wonder how she talked to Dr Sally at the bus stop.  Maybe Dr Sally was waiting for a bus too?  I hope Dr Sally hadn’t have to have a tooth out as well.


Anyway, we all gave Mummy huge cuddles on Friday and she didn’t manage to give us our breakfast till nearly 11 am, even though Percy said she’d started with him when Countdown was on.  Oscar didn’t notice what was on, except the weather forecast which was sunny till 3pm.  And warmer on Sunday.  That was yesterday but I can’t say I noticed in warmer – it was raining, though. Midge said he slept through most of the Antiques Roadshow, and Dylan said he was too busy eating as Mummy made him eat even more than the day before.  I watched the rest of Time Team which was very interesting, looking at things the ancients had made, and I bet George would have liked the water lifting machine.  I didn’t like the ones that went bang, but Mummy was happy, and to be honest her coughs were louder.

The weekend was nice after all that, much the same as usual.  Mummy is making Dylan eat at least six mls of Emeraid four or five times a day, and she said she’d get ten into him each time if she could. I don’t know why Dylan doesn’t just guzzle it down like me.  I want to have his leftovers but Mummy says I can’t because I chew all the syringes and then she hasn’t got a smooth one left for Dylan.  Somehow I don’t think that’s a good excuse.

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh no. I’m sure Mummy remembers when I was sick for weeks back in October-November. NO FUN. I hope Mummy feels better much more quickly than that. Give her some extra special cuddles.

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