Dylan’s moved upstairs

Hello, Kevin here.  Dylan’s moved upstairs so he and I can have a little chat. He’s very depressed about Dougall of course, and I know what that’s like, because I was very depressed after Colman died.  The fact that he’s got a funny tooth doesn’t help because it hurts him to bite things.  He’s having meds for that, and for the infection that might be causing it, and for his empty tummy to help it feel better, and he’s feeling a little better since he started those.  He should eat more of his Emeraid, but he only takes about 2 or 3 ml each time when Mummy would like him to take 5 or even 10.  I can’t understand why he doesn’t like it, I think it’s yummy.  In fact if there’s any left in the morning (which there usually is) Mummy gives me some and I slurp it up!


But he’s doing a little better.  he hasn’t put on any weight yet but he’s eating little bits of stuff, like grass, thyme, and cucumber without its skin on.  He had a browse through his pellets last night too.  Mummy mixed some other things in with his pellets to give him a good chance of finding something he fancies. He’s still active, and taking an interest in things, in fact Mummy thinks he’s more active than he was, and he’s drunk water and produced some poos, so Mummy is pleased he’s trying a bit more.

Apparently Midge doesn’t like being downstairs with Oscar, although he says Percy is a good chap.  Well, these things happen, Midge.  I had to put up with you after Colman left, but I found out you’re not so bad, after all!

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