Monday meanderings

Did you see what I did there?  I did a M M sound.  It’s got a clever name for it, but I can’t remember what it is.  I’m only a guinea pig, and I haven’t been to school.  Well, not school where they teach writing and grammar. I have learnt how to blog ‘on the job’ as they say.

Kevin and I had a long chat and decided some things:

  • we would try to blog every Monday in future
  • it might get boring for you if we just told you what we did each week
  • we could interview people
  • we could tell more stories about our friends
  • we could tell you what silly things Mummy has done this week
  • we could ask you for ideas

We think those last two are quite clever.  What would you like to hear about?  Have you got ideas for us?

.. and…

would you like us to interview you?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions and whether you would like to be interviewed.  Mummy will send you our questions when we’ve thought of them.  They might be different each time.  We’ve never interviewed anybody before but you’re part of our world, so why not.  We also have started a list of people we think would be fun to interview and we might ask them.

We’re going to show you how difficult it is next week, when we interview Mummy!

See you then!


One thought on “Monday meanderings

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You can interview me if you like, Dyl. I think posting about Mummy’s shenanigans is a great idea. They’re often amusing and inexplicable.

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