Wheekings about the A to Z Challenge

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I’m very glad I did the A to Z Challenge.  Victor did it and now so have I.  Kevin helped me a lot.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

We spent lots of time looking for pictures of our friends, and finding the best ones.  Sometimes we couldn’t decide which to use so we used them all.  Well, not all, just all the ones we couldn’t choose between.  Sometimes Mummy did all the hard work about finding photos and putting them in the system because we’re not much good at that.  George could do it, but he was super-clever.

I did try to go round other blogs.  There were so many of them!  Mummy said to stick to the ones with AN after their names because that meant they were animals.  I did that and found most of them were dogs.  I’m sorry, dogs are very nice, especially Dixie and Dillon (hey, great name even if you can’t spell, mate!) but we are programmed to run away from dogs, so I found them very scary.  There was one blog about frogs, but it didn’t have AN on it.  Mummy found it and showed it to me.  After a few days of visiting I got tired, and it was tiring enough blogging, so I’m afraid we stopped visiting.  I know we should, and Mummy says she’ll let us know if there are some more blogs we’d like and we can go visit them later in the year, when we’ve recovered.

We had some nice new visitors and it was lovely meeting them.  Especially Val Bale, Sabina Ayne, Katie thecyborgmom, That’s Purrfect, Dixie and Dillon, Alex Hurst, Darla M Sands, JeremyH, Hannah G, Susan Kane, Auntie Rebecca, KaTy Did, Auntie Doris, The Hatching Cat, Antonia Hurst, Geoff, Eunice, Tawnya, Chrys Fey, Li, NotAPunkRocker, Shawn, Julie Fisher, Sarah Fergusson, eclecticalli, Catwoman, Cherdo, NJMagas, CompgeekDavid, Gene’O, Jeanne Melanson, Veronica, Liz Young, Natasha Duncan-Drake, Amy Fahrer,Venus Marie Lay, Helen Hollick, Romi, Clicksclan, Jen, and of course Auntie Dawn and Mummy.  And a special mention to Sarah Wathen, BMLilith, Russell Deasley and 5 Piggies in a Pot who are also following us.

Phew!  Kevin and I promise to visit you soon!


11 thoughts on “Wheekings about the A to Z Challenge

  1. Well Dylan, aren’t you a clever little guinea pig! You weren’t the only creature getting tired part way through, but you showed tenacity and kept going at a task to which you committed. Maybe you’ll consider signing up for the road trip to catch those blogs you didn’t get to in April. Just a thought … Visiting from A – Z Challenge 🙂 Linda


  2. Rebecca Douglass

    I think you did a grand job, Dylan!
    And thanks for drawing my name in the Giveaway quiz 😀


  3. lv2trnscrb

    I didn’t visit you during the challenge, but did want to read everyone’s reflections posts. It is hard sometimes to find interesting blogs to visit. I know I stayed away from animal blogs this year as much as possible because I was still sad losing our corgi to cancer in December. I hope you do choose to do the challenge next year!



  4. Well, for a guinea pig I think you did marvellously. I have loads of animals on my blog, which is all about animals, but no guinea pigs, although there are relatives on guinea pigs on there. Oh, and a dog. But we won’t mention that. She doesn’t chase any animals. She is very well-mannered. ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com


  5. Alex Hurst

    Awww, you just rest Dylan! You did a great job! Your mommy sent me one of you and your friends’ adventures, and I’m excited to dig in. ^_^


  6. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the shout out, Dyl. It was a pleasure to read your and Kev’s posts, and thanks again for the lovely tributes to Mariusz, Saku, and Willoughby. You boys did so well. XOXO


  7. Well done guys. Yes, visiting in April can take it out of you, and all that writing. My goodness, how is a little piggy supposed to cope 🙂
    Blessings from South Africa, Geoff.


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