V for Victor

Victor was born on February 20th 2008 and died on 29th May 2014.  He was over six years old and that’s very old for a guinea pig.  Although Colman’s older now.

Victor 20.02.2008 to 29.05.2014
Victor 20.02.2008 to 29.05.2014

He was born in Auntie Vikki’s house to a sow called Snowy, who was already pregnant when she went into the rescue.  Vikki said she was with Kiki, her sister, and they both had the same face, and it was the same as Victor’s.  And there were two boars with them and nobody knows which one was Victor’s sire.  That’s what it’s like with rescues.  All sorts of things going on and nobody really knows who’s who.  Mind you, I only know who my dam is, too.  Oscar and Midge are the only ones who know who their parents are and they have a family tree gong back for generations.

Anyway, Victor went to live with Hugo, and then their owners had to find another home and couldn’t take Hugo and Victor with them, so they went back to the rescue.  And Mummy saw their photo and just went along for a look at them.  And Auntie Vikki said “Do you want to take them with you?” and Mummy ‘just happened’ to have a piggy carrier on the back seat so she brought them home.  And it was snowing! Mummy says she always remembers that drive, through a complete whiteout, and her going so slowly and everybody following her until they all turned off at a village and Mummy wondered where they’d gone.

Anyway she got Victor and Hugo home, and they lived together for years and had lots of adventures like going to Mull, and then Hugo died of pneumonia.  And Fred was all alone then, so Vic moved in with Fred, and they lived together for six months, and then Fred died because he missed George so much.  Then Victor had a few weeks on his own until we arrived, Dougall and me.  And the rest is History!

Victor did the A to Z Challenge in 2012.  His theme was food.  He did a lot of blogging on here till he handed over to me.  You can read all his posts if you like.

He’s also one of the stars of the Princelings of the East. Victor who runs the Inn of the Seventh Happiness.  He’s lots of people’s favourites.  Well, he was lots of people’s favourites in real life too.  I miss him.

5 thoughts on “V for Victor

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I always called Victor “Auntie’s Angel” because he was the equivalent of “Momma’s Angel,” aka Saku. He was gentle, unassuming, wise, and above all patient. You know that I loved Hugo, but you’d have to have the patience of a saint to live with him. Victor took everything in stride and let Hugo believe he was in charge. That patience came in handy when he took on the role of Uncle to you and your brother. You were a bit of handful, Dyl. XO

    When Mariusz died and we were selecting a new pig, I chose Willoughby from among the selection of adorable boars because there was something in his face that reminded me of Victor.

    I was devastated when Victor died. I remember going to the little garden near my job and just sitting and thinking of him. “Don’t be sad, Auntie,” I heard a little voice say. “I’m watching over you and my nephews Will and Atticus.”

    (I know. I’m nuts.)


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