Q is for – Quiz questions

We couldn’t find a guinea pig whose name begins with Q, so I had a long think, and Kevin had a long think, and we asked Mummy, and she asked her friends…. and then she suggested we had a quiz instead.  With Prizes!

I asked her whether my book would be a prize, and she said no, because people can get my book, Dylan’s Yuletide Journey, free from Smashwords if they have an ebook reader.  They can also get the first book in the series free.  So she’s giving away three prizes of later ebooks in the Princelings series.

All you have to do is answer one or all of these three questions on the entry form which is on another page (see below).  The answers are in the A to Z posts so far, or on this page.  Each question will have one prizewinner.

So the questions are:

  1. What is the name of Mariusz’s book, the one that is having a new cover design?
  2. Which book does Humphrey play the leading role in?
  3. Which guinea pig started up this blog?

Now fill in the answers in the rafflecopter (opens on another page).  Winners will be drawn on 1st May.


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