Py and Pogo

I used to live near Pogo, because he was in Jersey before me. Colman talked about him from time to time. I never met Py either, but we heard a lot about him and his friend Archi.  So anyway, we’re talking about Py and Pogo today.

Py lived with Auntie Nixi.  His real name was Pythagoras, and Archi’s name was Archimedes.  Apparently they were very famous scientists.

Hey mommy, I'm ready to come out now; photo Image0634.jpg

Py was a very pretty pig, and got up to lots of mischief.  Mummy wrote them into her books as the landlord of the Cheeky Parrot, the inn at Castle Wash, but they have other business interests and Py turns up in a lot of other places too, mostly in Bravo Victor.  I expect he and Archi will turn up again.

Pogo is also in the books.  He is from the Vexstein family along with Darcy, Mr Smallweed and someone else I’ve forgotten.  They are all lords and barons and things.  Well, Pogo isn’t but he will be, probably.  Mummy says he’ll be there right at the end, too, which is a clue.  I don’t know quite what she means by that, but Mummy does mysterious things sometimes and I just blink wisely at her.


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