Oscar sits in the cage next door to me and Dougall and sticks his nose into our business.  He spends nearly all his time looking into my cage and irritating me.  He’s not very old, about nine months now, and he’s been with us since he was four months.  He came with Midge, and they fell out and now Midge lives upstairs.

They both run around on the floor in the morning (separately) and wheek loudly for attention.  They’re very noisy rex guinea pigs with tight curly hair.  Very odd, unless you like that sort of thing.

I always come in when Oscar comes along as he’s a cheeky monkey and annoys me.  I’m the boss and he ought to give me proper respect.  I think it’s disgraceful that he should try and jump on me and Dougall, and make out he’s in charge.  I’m in charge, and that’s that.  Mummy takes me in before I have to make my point forcefully.  She’s been a bit late on a couple of occasions, and I’ve given Oscar a right telling off, I can tell you.  He’s an upstart!  I wish he hadn’t come here.  And I wish he wasn’t in Humphrey and Victor’s cage.

OK Dylan, maybe I should finish this post for you… Kevin here, the voice of reason.  Oscar is a very nice chap, and of course he’s cheeky at his age.  He’s got the same sort of look about him as the famous Buddy Bunchkins.  The trouble is, he’s got film star looks and the personality to go with it, and frankly, I think Dylan’s jealous.  Dylan’s also not really got over Humphrey leaving, and Oscar and Midge arriving so quickly afterwards.  I expect Mummy will give him a cuddle and tell him he’s a funny old thing later.  And maybe we’ll all get a piece of cucumber to cheer us up.

4 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. Jemima Pett

    Oh, Dylan! (sigh). Thank you Kevin; yes, I think a cuddle and a piece of cucumber will help a bit. And although it looks lovely and sunny out, I think the wind will make it too cold to go out again today, which would have cheered everyone up. We’ll see.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I know another boar who’s cheeky, nosy, and bossy? Who could it be? Hmm…. Kev, can you help me out here?

    Oscar does resemble Buddy! Love the rexes.

    Uncle Willoughby was very cheeky and nosy. Not bossy, really — he just wanted to know what was going on, and why. He’d always be underfoot. How many times did I almost step on him. Sigh.

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  3. Still digging your posts…

    You are on my list to check if you are being part of the A to Z Challenge.

    THANK YOU for being up to the letter “O”… or in some cases near it 🙂
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There’s no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?


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