Bath time!

After our run in the kitchen this morning, Mummy took me and Dougall upstairs for a bath!  It was lovely and warm.  First we had our grease glands cleaned and washed off. Dougall had all his back end hair degreased as well because he gets so mucky.  Then we went in the bath and got shampooed – twice!  We had Posh & Go for our shampoo because it’s good for long hair and stops it getting ‘flyaway’.  I hope it keeps the flies away too.

Then we were all rinsed off. I was really good, I didn’t try to jump out more than twice, although I looked at the ornaments at the edge of the bath and wondered about jumping up to join them.  Dougall didn’t try to jump out at all, although we both climbed up Mummy’s arm from time to time – and then she cleaned our tummies so we dropped down again.

When she took us out, she sat us on the place where we sat for our degreasing, and she cut our hair – just round the ends, not all over.  I was very good and didn’t jump around at all.

After that we went downstairs and got dry.  Mummy used the warm air blower on us again.  It’s quite nice.  Then she took some photos because she said we looked so nice, but all Dougall’s were out of focus.  Mine were nice, of course.

Then Hector went up and had his bath.  He hasn’t had one for ages.  He had Just for Boars shampoo and said it wasn’t too bad, too.

Wet Hector


One thought on “Bath time!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Good boys! I still have some Posh n Go, which I got for your Uncle Saku. Atticus and Willoughby get this or Just for Boars.


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