Big Carrots

Kevin had a go at me for not posting here more often.  It’s not that easy, you know, since I’m downstairs and he’s up here.  It takes longer to do a nice post than ‘update his status’ on Facebook.  He promised you a photo of the huge carrots that Uncle Mo gave us from his garden.  Mummy made one of them into a carrot cake, which she said was very tasty.  We just enjoyed them as carrots, thank you very much.

Kevin's carrot

Here’s Kevin with one, just to prove how huge they are.  And Kevin isn’t small – he weighed in at over 1300 grams this morning (Mummy says it’s all that carrot inside him).

We’re all fine, really.  Humphrey gets his meds twice a day to help his heart condition.  He doesnt wheeze when he has his meds on time, well, usually.  Colman’s abscess came back and he’s on meds twice a day as well, but he’s looking much better.  They’re both pretty old, though.  Mummy says we might have a joint birthday party for Col, Kev and Humphrey in October, since Col and Humph will be about 6 and Kev about 4.

Doug and I will be 3 in November!  I hope we have a party, too.


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