A formal complaint

Dear Mummy

I am writing on behalf of Kevin who wanted to complain on Facebook but you’ve been too busy to let him on it.

Last Tuesday you left us out in the rain.  I know you were out in it too when there were only a few drops, but later it started raining and you were indoors working and you didn’t notice till the ground was all wet.

We were wet too.  Well, I was a little bit, because I left my nice tent to check up on Kevin.  He had left his snuggletunnel because the outside was getting wet too, and he was sheltering under a large leaf.  I think it was a courgette plant leaf.  It was ok till the rain started running off the leaf and onto his back.  His coat got all spotty where it was wet.  Mine did too, but the water was running off my back more easily than it ran off Kevin’s.

We demand to know why you left us out in the rain.  And also why is Kevin the only one without a nice pop-up tent?  Humphrey, Dougall, Colman and Hector were all lovely and dry in theirs.

We demand answers! And carrot tops in compensation!

Yours sincerely


(on behalf of Kevin)


2 thoughts on “A formal complaint

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention, Dylan and Kevin. When I visited, I saw nothing but diligence from Mummy, but this is a disturbing report. Is the quality of her service declining? Do we need to alert the Authorities? Keep me posted as you investigate this matter.


  2. I notice there are three related incidents, Dylan, but none for three years. I think you can cut me a little slack on this occasion, given all the traumatic events of the last week. Rest assured (and please advise Kevin formally, although I did tell him before we went out in the garden today) that a tent for Kevin is on order, along with two more, since SOMEONE has made a hole in yours, and Hector’s is getting old too.


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