Dylan in the doghouse

We had a very nice time in the garden today, but Mummy didn’t bring Colman and Kevin downstairs because she said it might rain and she didn’t want to dash everyone in when her hip was hurting.  Poor Mummy, she works so hard to look after us.  So Dylan, Dougall, Humphrey and I had a huge bit of run to mow with loads of grass in it, and it was all very yummy.  Of course Humphrey and I settled down straight away to sort out the longest grass, while the kids chatted to Hector through the cage bars, as he was next door in a smaller bit.

It was a few hours later that I realised Dylan was outside the run!  I knew he’d been practising his ninja stuff.  I saw him sort of crouching down a few times, and I know that’s concentrating his mental powers or something.  I don’t take much notice of him, to be honest.  I find it best that way.  Humphrey gets a bit stressed out by him at times.  Dylan just doesn’t know when to stop going on at you.  Dougall’s a lovely young man.  Anyway, Dylan had been wandering round the outside of the cage for a few minutes when Mummy came out and found him, and picked him up (which he didn’t want) so she lifted up the cage side for him to go underneath.

Well, I thought he’d just get on with his work, as there was plenty more grass to be mown.  Mummy was doing jobs around the garden, and then in and out of the kitchen.  Then Dylan disappeared again!  I couldn’t see where he’d gone and I went and sat in my tunnel since I knew there’d be trouble when she found him outside again.  Then there was all this noise and Mummy came out and stepped into Hector’s run where he and Dylan were fighting!  She stood in between them and picked Dylan up and told him off very severely, and put him inside in his own cage all on his own.  He told me afterwards that she’d checked him all over to make sure he was fine first, and he was cross with her, because he’d really enjoyed himself, having a fight with Hector!  I was shocked.  That isn’t proper behaviour for one of our group!  I told him off severely but he just huffed at me and went off to the other end of his cage.

Mummy came back for Hector and picked him up gently and checked him over when they were inside.  There were tufts of hair on the ground when Mummy cleared up.  I think she found some spots where Hec had lost some, but honestly, Dyl has so much hair you really can’t tell.  Hec got a nice cuddle.  He was only defending his patch, after all.  It’s not long since he got better, and he gets tired easily.  Dylan has no business barging his way onto his territory for no reason.

Anyway, they both seem fine.  Mummy has put Dylan in detention which means no grass time for a few days.  There are some nice days forecast so he’ll be cross, but it’s his own fault.  She’s taken him off blogging duty too.  He’ll probably whinge that he’s being ill-treated.  Don’t you believe him if he says that to you.  He can be a right pain at times.  Ninja indeed!  Whatever next?

One thought on “Dylan in the doghouse

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Sigh. That one. A ninja, you say? I think he wants to be like that famous ninja of literature, Willoughby. But a ninja knows when to fight and when to maintain peace. Young Dyloughby has much to learn.


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