Hector’s birthday party

It was so exciting this morning!  We joined the big boys on the kitchen floor.  It was Hector’s birthday party.  He had a cake with blue sticks on it.  Vic said they are called candles. They are not for eating.  The cake and the cucumber is for eating.

Hector, Vic and the birthday cake

I had a nibble of the cake. It was good. We are having some later Mummy said. When the big boys finish.  There was a small cake for the boys in the other room.  We met them yesterday.

Hector’s 2nd birthday party

All five of us are in this picture: Humphrey at the very front, Hector, me and Victor around the cake, and Dougall at the back.

4 thoughts on “Hector’s birthday party

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Nice reporting, Dyl. Mummy makes good cakes, doesn’t she.

    Happy birthday, Hec!! Your Crazy American Auntie loves you.


    1. Victor

      Thanks for the greetings! I passed them to Hec. Dylan has gone all shy when he saw people had commented. I told him to reply but he asked me to. He’ll learn 🙂 Hope you are well.


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