X is for X-roads in the paths between the veg patches

X is a very difficult letter.  We found some plants beginning with X but we didn’t know whether we could eat them, and this blog is about food!  We eat the cross-roads between the vegetable patches as that is where we do our lawn-mowing duties most diligently.  Even Hugo was diligent about lawn-mowing.  It means we work hard at it and pay attention to detail. Lawn-mowing means eating the grass so mummy doesn’t have to shorten it with a lawn-mower. And I am calling cross-roads X-roads as they make a cross like an X.

Usually when mummy lays our runs out in the garden between the vegetable patches the X-roads is where our runs meet.  Sometimes one of us will get the space in the middle of the X-roads, sometimes she will angle our runs so we both meet in the middle.  It’s hard to explain.  I’m hoping Mummy will find a picture of the X-roads.  A picture tells a thousand words they say.  I don’t want to use a thousand words to tell you.  You might get bored.

The x-roads in the vegetable patches

5 thoughts on “X is for X-roads in the paths between the veg patches

  1. Hey Victor.
    Yes, I also had a bit of a hard time with “X”. but it’s fine now. Your vegetable garden looks like fun, I think your mummy makes sure you only mow the lawn and not the vegetables though 🙂 Nice and green.
    Stay well my little friend, Geoff.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Very clever, Vic! I was wondering what you’d do with X. That’s a very illustrative photo. Mummy’s a pretty good photographer, wouldn’t you say?


    1. Victor

      I’m very lucky to have Mummy finding photographs for me. I’ve never worked out how to use a photographer. George once said he had trouble with it. He hadn’t got the fingers for it or something.


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