W is for Wagg

We like Wagg Optimum Pellets and Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch (muesli).  I’ve been talking about the fresh vegetables we like because people get confused about what piggies can and can’t eat.  Basically a nice balanced diet consists of the amount of pellets per pig it says on the packet (35 g to 50 g a day for Wagg and Excel pellets), a good plate of fresh vegetables from the sort I’ve been talking about, to give us our vitamin C, and fresh hay, as much as we like, to make sure we get our fibre and chewing to keep our teeth in trim. Oh and clean fresh water. Without any added extras.

It’s easy really, isn’t it?  I suppose if there are lots and lots of guinea pig feeds in the shops people have trouble working out what is best.  Auntie PigPog or Auntie Doris did a comparison and decided that Wagg muesli is best if you have to keep a pig on a low calcium diet, with the Wagg pellets coming second best.  I’ve had a few different pellets and mueslis in my time and I like these the best.  And living with Dylan and Dougall, who are greedy little fellows, I can tell you, I make sure I get my share.  Although I don’t want to see them go hungry so maybe I let them finish the bowl when I’d like a bit more myself.

The classic picture of George eating out of his bowl is probably the one you’d expect here, but if you look under Chez George in the menu bar above, you’ll find George’s original introduction and you can see him demonstrating feedbowl technique there.  There have been lots of pictures of me and George and Fred with the veggies in this A to Z Challenge, so it’s about time I gave some space to the younger guys.

Humphrey, Victor and Hector share the cake

This is me with Humphrey (left) and Hector (right) sharing a slice of Fred’s fourth birthday cake.  Hugo was off doing his own thing at the time, as usual.  It’s mushed up pellets that Mummy makes into a block like a cake. It’s sitting on a pile of muesli in our bowl. The green leaves are basil leaves – YUM!

That was some birthday cake.  Nearly as good as the one I had on my fourth birthday in February.

Only X, Y and Z to go.  I need help with X and Z, but Mummy says she’s got an Idea. 🙂

4 thoughts on “W is for Wagg

  1. Our Mummy gives us nuggets because she says we are too picky. Though sometimes we get a handful of Wagg and it makes us popcorn and do zoomies round the cage!

    Piggy Lips and Lovin’

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


    1. Victor

      Yes that’s why we have both Optimum pellets and Muesli. She says we leave too much of the muesli. Well, I like my favourite bits but I also like pellets.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I love that pic of George. And I love the above pic of you and the Hs. Humph looks huge compared to you and Hec, but it’s probably a trick of the camera. I know that with all that hair, shelties can look larger than they really are. Saku weighs less than Willoughby but looks the same size or even larger sometimes.

    It’s hard getting a balanced diet, for pigs and humans alike, but I think Mummy has it down to a science for you boys. Being a Yank, I’m not familiar with Wagg, but my boys seem happy and healthy with their Oxbow Organic.


    1. Victor

      Thank you Auntie Dawn. Humphey was very big at one stage but he’s trimmed down a bit recently. I think it’s because we get so much exercise in the morning.


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