L is for Lavender, which we Like a Lot

Hello, Bertie here again.

I Love Lavender.  Others Like it a Lot. There’s Little more to say.  Although Mummy says I should be more Loquacious. Wax Lyrical.


But I’ll Let it Lie.

See you next time 🙂

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L for Lavender #AtoZChallenge


Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

lL is for Lavender

Oooh, lavender!  I adore lavender.  Mummy has some bushes growing in the corner of one of the vegetable patches, and when are runs are next to it during the summer I try to sneak some pieces off and eat them.  She doesn’t seem to mind, she says something about pruning doing them good.

Sometimes she uses pieces of lavender in things, and gives us a little with our breakfast, or as a treat.  She sometimes decorates summer birthday cakes with it, too.



L is for Lavender

Lavender is amazing.  It is sort of woody but sort of chewy and crunchy and has the most amazingly lovely flavour.  Fred and George were particularly fond of it but we all like it.  The bushes don’t grow for very long but they do need trimming back so we get a lot of chances to eat lavender.  Never more than a short bit at a time unless Mummy gives us flower stalks to eat.  They are fun.  We start at the cut end and work our way down to the flower which is sweet and juicy and crunchy. Continue reading “L is for Lavender”