H is for Hay

Hay is the best thing in the world.  I could eat it all day.  In fact I do.  With the occasional munch of pellets and fresh veg.  It’s also great for lying on.  And in.  And under.

Humphrey hides in the hay

Mummy gets our hay from Mr Ken’s Corn Store.  It comes in a big plastic bag.  It used to come in green plastic, but now it comes in clear plastic.  It tastes and smells really really yummy when Mummy first breaks into the bag.  We all come out and try it, we can’t wait to see what’s in it.

On two occasions that I remember it hasn’t smelled at all nice.  The first time was when I lived with Hugo. Fred and George just looked at it in horror.  Hugo sniffed it and went into his grassy hutch.  I didn’t want to eat it either.  After a day Mummy noticed and she took it away.  We had a nice bag then.  The second time was in the autumn not long before Fred left.  I think Mummy was suspicious.  I notice she always smells it when she opens the bag these days.  She gave it to us, but Fred gave her a Fredlook.  I think she gave it about three hours before she took it away and tried another one.  It’s a good thing she keeps a spare bag for us.

At Christmas and sometimes for somebody’s birthday we get other types of hay.  Most of them are nice.  Sometimes they are not as nice as our ordinary hay.  I think Mummy is a bit disappointed when we don’t eat the special hays.  They are nice, I just prefer the one we are used to.  There was a special hay with camomile we had this Christmas.  Quite nice!  The one with birch we had the year before was horrid.  Auntie Vikki brought me a bag of special grassy hay, and it’s quite nice.  In fact, the more I eat it, the more I like it.

When Auntie Dawn came she brought some very smart things made of hay, some twists and some carrot looking shapes.  I must admit none of us liked to eat the carrot shaped one, since somebody had gone to all that trouble to make it, but we did eat the string it came with (made of hay) and that was nice.  The twist things were nice too, once we realised they were edible  I think there are some more of those left but I think Mummy is keeping them for a special occasion.

We also have haycakes which are very useful,especially when we are travelling.  They don’t take up much room and are nice and satisfying to gnaw on.  She has been giving us one ever since Dylan and Dougall joined me, I think to make sure there was always some hay in the cage and to make sure that two of us didnt stop the other one from getting to it.  We only had haycakes on special occasions before that. Dylan and Dougall like the haycakes very much as it gives them an interesting puzzle to solve… how to eat it!

Some hay has herbs in it, and sometimes Mummy gets a packet of dried herbs and give us us that with our hay.  H is also for Herbs of course, but I thought H is for Hay would be better for this blog.  Hay is best!

13 thoughts on “H is for Hay

  1. LOL! This is the best. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I have a little guy too. His name is Musa (Moshe/Moses) and he is very stubborn and smelly. = ) Great blog!


    1. Victor

      Hi Musa! Have you ever been to Rodents With Attitude? That’s a nice friendly place to talk to guinea pigs from all over the world. There’s a link at the side. I hope you enjoyed your hay.
      Vic & the gang


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Saku and Willoughby have those same carrot-shaped hay treats, and they did the same thing: ate the string and left the carrot. Lol. Saku uses his carrot as a pillow sometimes. What DOESN’T he use as a pillow? ❤

    Their hay has chamomile and rose hips. I've heard that rose hips are a good source of Vitamin C. The hay comes in three plastic bags, all in a big cardboard box. It's usually fine.

    Can you help me with one of the many questions I have, Vic. The boys have a supply of hay available at all times. This is what a good Slave is supposed to provide, I think. So why do they get all excited when I provide additional hay at night? Willoughby goes especially wild. The night hay is the same kind of hay that they've had in their hay rack all day, from the same batch. What is up with this behavior, Vic? Or is it one of those Piggie Secrets that you can't discuss?


    1. Victor

      But it’s fresh from the bag, Auntie Dawn. It’s always nicest when it’s fresh from the bag and hasn’t been lying out in the open all day. Besides, there might be something new in it, you never know 😉
      Ever hopeful ❤


  3. sharkbytes

    We had a guinea pig named Blizzard a long time ago. He was friends with the dog. He was rough-coated and all white. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge blogs this month.


    1. Victor

      Aw Blizzard sounds nice. I hope you manage to visit everyone Ms Sharkbytes. There are an awful/wonderful lot of them. If you find any more guinea pgs will you let me know, please? I haven’t found many animals yet.


  4. thelmaz

    We had a wonderful guinea pig who figured out how to get out of his cage. He would get under the living room couch and then rush out to the doorway when I got home. He was a great friend.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge


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