G is for Grass

I was tempted to say G is for Grape or for Green Bean, but really and truly, there is nothing better than G for Grass.  I could live on grass.  My wild ancestors certainly did.  We just love it.  It may surprise you to know there are different types of grass in a field but you may not notice unless they flower.  I’m tempted to just post pictures of us and grass, just so I can spend my time gazing at my favourite subject.  Grazing at it would be even better.

6 thoughts on “G is for Grass

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the lovely pics, Vic. I’ll bet you and Mummy love to reminisce about your road trips to Scotland. I always enjoyed the photos and recaps.

    I have to admit that the pics made me a little sad. I miss Fred, George, and Hugo, as you do I’m sure. I’m just a silly old Auntie. What ever will you do with me, Vic? Sigh.


    1. Victor

      Thank you Mr Geoff. I think I’ll take a nap in my snuggle tunnel next. That’s nice and warm. You can see a picture of Hugo in it above. I’ll be in my cage though. The grass is too damp at the moment.


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