They’ve been here two months!

You wouldn’t believe it, would you?  Dylan and Dougall have been with me for two whole months.  I’ve put up with them all that time.  Mummy took some photos today.

They’ve gone from this:

Dylan, Victor and Dougall

To this:

Dougall, Victor and Dylan 170212

Dougall has the same expression as me in all the photos mummy took. This isn’t the best one of me, but it’s the best one of the three of us. And the only one with Dylan facing front. That boy!

One thought on “They’ve been here two months!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You’re right in your element, Vic–a super Uncle flanked by his two eager nephews. And they’re little sponges, absorbing all that you have to teach. Well, Dyl’s a bit of a scamp but Dougall’s becoming just like you, in personality and even facial expression.

    Love you all!


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