I felt really bad last night

I was feeling really uncomfortable yesterday.  My tummy hurt and my belly felt enormous and bloated and I wanted to explode.  Not surprisingly I was really grouchy with the boys and Dylan just wouldnt let me be by myself.  He kept coming and nosing me and nibbling my face and it was getting on my nerves I can tell you.  I’m afraid I had to bop him on the nose to make him stop.

Mummy noticed and she asked me what was wrong.  Well, I didnt feel like telling her, but she put my tent down and I jumped in it and I went downstairs.  She put me on the hospital shelf and had a look at me.  It was nice to get the attention but I didnt want her touching my tummy or turning me over and she got the message and let me be.  She talked to Dr Sally on the black thing and discussed whether I was eating and pooing (yes to both) and discussed my big belly and Mummy said she said it wasnt likely to be bloat as I was eating and pooing.  But then we went and sat in the sitting room and Mummy gave me some of Hugo’s brew.  I didnt want it at first in case it gave me what Hugo had, but it tasted ok so I had a second tube full.

Then Mummy put me in the cage and I started dropping little beetroot coloured droppings so Mummy asked if I’d eaten all the beetroot. Well, I suppose I had, really.  And I like it so Id eaten it a bit fast.  Well, I tell you, last night was quite something.  All this air came out!  I sat under the fiddlesticks most of the night to make sure there was enough ventilation!  It was better out than in though and in the morning Mummy was very pleased with me as I looked back to normal and my weight was fine too.  And she could tell I felt better cos I didnt mind having my sides touched.  She gave me some more of Hugo’s brew at cuddle time though, I quite enjoyed that.  I can see why Hugo used to look forward to it.

I can put up with the youngsters now I feel better.  I just needed a bit of peace and quiet really.

One thought on “I felt really bad last night

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, Vic. It break my heart to think of you suffering. I’m very happy that you’re feeling better. That Mummy was TCB*, wouldn’t you say?

    I think you should discipline D&D, gently, when the situation calls for it. God knows I love cheeky boars, but if they’re bothering you then you have the right to tell them so. Even ultra-patient Uncles like you have their limits.

    Keep up the good mentoring! And the pooping! And the tooting (when necessary)!


    *Taking Care of Business


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