Mummy heard a sad song

Well, I think that is what happened.  We were sitting together this morning, and she told me she had thought happy thoughts of Fred yesterday, without crying.  Which I thought was good.  I mean, we miss him.  And three weeks is a long time to be without him.  But I am beginning to be used to it and I hope she is too.

And then they played a nice song on the radio called “All I want for Christmas is you”.  And Mummy started crying again.  I just snuggled her and let her carry on till she’d stopped.  Then she blew her nose and we cuddled each other again.

3 thoughts on “Mummy heard a sad song

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, Vic. I know how hard it is for Mummy. It’s been almost a year since M died, and I still cry. I want nothing to do with Christmas this year, but am trying not to be such a Super Grump, for the boys’ and birds’ sakes.

    I haven’t heard that song this year, but if I did I know I’d start bawling. I was saying to your Uncle just yesterday that the only thing I want for Christmas is the thing I can’t have. And, of course, I cried. Poor Uncle W, putting up with all my melodrama.

    Hang in there, Vic, and continue to be a supportive snuggler for Mummy. I’m very proud of you.



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