Smashing stories!

Victor here again.  Mummy brings me up to the run most days.  I like it here.  I sit in the loft area and try to think Great Thoughts like Fred did.  It makes me very tired.  And I watch Mummy.  That is fun.  And I can see her working very hard.  Our first book is now on lots of different eBook thingies.  You can get it at Smashwords and at Amazon.  It’s a funny name isn’t it,

You can go here and get it.

She says she’s working on the next one now.  For publication.  The Princelings and the Pirates.  I’m in that.  I’m a hero.  I nearly walk the plank.  And I fight pirates in the Great Battle of Dimerie.  She says it will be out in time for Easter.  When’s Easter?

One thought on “Smashing stories!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You’ve always been a hero to me, Vic.

    Easter is April 8 this year. It’s one of those confusing holidays that change date every year. I’ll let Mummy explain it to you.

    Don’t worry too much about being like Fred. Thinking is important, but so is being yourself. Fred was a wonderful Thinker and a wonderful pig, but you’re just as wonderful. So do your own thang, as we say in the States.

    I tried to download it via one of those eBook thingies last night, but one thingie didn’t communicate with another thingie, and … pffft! I’ll try again tonight. Thanks for the link, oh Victoriffic One.



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