Morning run

I’ve put Fred and Victor together in the C&C upstairs run today and although they had a little discussion over who went round the corner first just now, in which Victor chattered and Fred just rumbled, I think they’re fairly well settled.

Together in the c&c

Fred is currently eating out of Victor’s food bowl, since Victor seems to have had enough. I don’t know why as Fred has his own food bowl with exactly the same food in it.  They shared their breakfast leaves very amiably and as you can see, only the carrots are left.  The battered grassy hutch in the background probably still smells of George a little, as it hasn’t been washed, but it doesn’t seem to have caused any problems.  Neither has been up into the loft area, which seems to have been Georgie’s private domain.  We’ll see what happens in time.

Fred has now retired to the snuggle-oo (far left) for his morning nap, and rumbled at Victor when he thought about joining him.  Victor went off to eat out of Fred’s bowl instead.  I expect he’ll settle in  his tunnel or tent for his nap soon.  It’s the first time Victor has been in the upstairs run of course, whereas Fred spent most of last winter up here during the day.

2 thoughts on “Morning run

  1. Auntie Dawn

    A success!

    It’s always something with boars, isn’t it? Rumbling, eating out of the other’s food dish … sigh. But all in all, things went very well. 😀 Please tell F&V that I’m very proud of them.


  2. Fred

    Thank you Auntie Dawn <3. Victor and I spent a comfortable night once we'd rearranged the furniture a bit so we could move about ok. I didn't realise it before but Victor's eyesight isn't that good and he gets worried if things aren't in the place he likes them, so I've accepted that. We shared grassy hutches (as in, we swapped over from time to time, we can't both get in one comfortably) and Victor finished up under the hammock which he thinks is very nice.
    We're upstairs again now and Mummy brought our breakfast up for us. I put the picture on our Facebook page 🙂
    Mummy says we've both lost weight, probably due to all the changes, so she gave us an extra carrot 😀


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