Looking after Victor

Mummy had a long chat with me this morning about Victor, and whether we should move in together.  Well, I gave her a bit of a Fredlook, I’m afraid, as it’s not something one should decide on the spur of the moment, is it?

He’s a very good chap is our Victor.  Polite, quiet, good manners, no trouble at all really.  I don’t know how he put up with Hugo bouncing around the cage for so long, and his mooning over George, and then me.  Rude of Hugo to ignore Victor like that, but I suppose Victor had made being ignored into an art form.  But then again, Hugo was a good chap under all the cheek.  And good fun too.  We miss him.  But Victor and I moving in together….  Hmmm.

Well, Mummy put us out in the garden as soon as the grass was dry enough and sure enough we spent the day together again.  He’s very easy-going.  I like him.  And when Mummy came to take us in I went into the same tunnel as him and Mummy picked us up together!  It was a bit of a squash and then we discovered we were being take upstairs to the bathroom.  Well, that means a bath, doesn’t it?  And sure enough we had a bath together then we snuggled in our towels alongside each other, and watched the running and jumping races with mummy (on the tv) and generally had a nice time.

I wasn’t sure whether Mummy was going to put us straight into one cage together but Victor went into the one Hector and Humphrey had been in, and I went in to mine and found that Hector and Humphrey had moved into Hugo & Victor’s cage next door.  I hope they’re not going to be too noisy.  They’ve got another grassy hutch in there so they can have one each, and the rest of their cagewear as before.  Victor has got one grassy hutch instead of two, his corner tray, his fiddlesticks and his snuggletunnel so he seems ok.

But Mummy did say to me that she was going to put us up in the C&C to see whether we’d get on in a smaller space than the garden run, so I reckon he’ll be moving in with me before long.

Here are some photos of us:

3 thoughts on “Looking after Victor

  1. Auntie Nixi

    You look a very handsome pair. I’m sure mummy won’t rush you into things until you’re ready, I’m sure it’ll be nice for both of you to have some company, it sounds as if you’re both easy going lads, and will get along lovely. :~)


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Hugo was a good chap. Like Mariusz, he was ten pounds of attitude in a three-pound pig. But that just made things more fun. You’ll always miss him, as I will always miss Mariusz.

    I’m proud of you and Victor. You’re both very polite and easy-going boys, and I think you’ll get along very well. It helps to have a buddy around when you’ve experienced a loss, and both of you could use a fresh start.



  3. I hope you two boys will be able to get on together. It will be much nicer to have a bit of company, and someone to snuggle up to on cold nights.
    I think Mummy would be very pleased to see you two getting on well too. :o) xx


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