We’re worried about Hugo

Victor and I are worried about Hugo.  He hasn’t been his normal cheeky self for the last few days and Victor said he was lying around looking uncomfortable, even when we were out on the grass yesterday.  I know Mummy’s been watching him carefully, and giving him extra food through a tube as well as his tubejuice, but last night when she came down to tuck us all in, she could him him wheezing and grunting as he breathed.

Hugo looks pleased with himself

She picked him up gently and wrapped him in a towel to keep him warm, and checked him over and then I think she phoned Dr Louise although it was ever so late.  When she came back she went to the fridge and sorted through the medicines and gave something to Hugo, then she sat with him and watched television very quietly for ages.  When she brought him back to his cage his breathing was better, so the tubejuice must have done him good.  It was very very late then, and I just looked up from my sleep to watch what was going on, then went back to sleep again.

This morning when Mummy took him out he was still poorly and uninterested, although he took his medicines.  His breathing sounded ok to me but he was just lying, not sitting properly or looking interested in things like he usually is 😦  He stayed out all morning, even during the time we had our cuddles he was just sitting a little further along on the sofa wrapped in a towel.  I could see he wasn’t eating the leaves Mummy had brought him which is not like Hugo at all.

Then later when the phone had rung a couple of times Mummy came in and got Hugo’s box out and then she went out, and came back without the box, so she took Hugo to the vet.  She told us he was staying in for 24 hours for some medicine by ‘nebuliser’ which he could just lie quietly and breathe in.  I think that means it’s Cloud Medicine.  He’ll like that, not having to do anything but lie on his snugglesac.  Victor is a bit worried but I’ve told him it’ll be ok and we’ll be able to talk to each other so not to feel lonely without him.

We all miss him though.  Get well soon Hugo.

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