We’ve had rain!

I know it sounds strange not to complain about the fact we couldn’t go out and eat grass yesterday, but we had some rain.  In fact we had quite a lot of rain eventually!

Mummy went and checked the water storage centre this morning and said the first one was full and the second was half full, which means we’ve had a whole barrel of water so far this week.  She says she’s still going to water our vegetables as they really need a good soaking but I could tell even with what we’ve had now that they are feeling better as the pea leaves we had today tasted much juicier.

She says there’ll be some wispy grass for us to mow later, a bit patchy, but better than what we have been trimming for her.  I’m looking forward to that although it looks to me like more rain is on its way.

2 thoughts on “We’ve had rain!

    1. Fred

      Thank you Auntie Dawn. We went out for a bit today and were mowing a new bit of grass. Well, the bit wasnt new, we’ve been there before, but the grass was. We werent out for long though as it started to rain not long after Auntie Vikki came to see us again. She helped bring us in even though she has a bad shoulder. ❤


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