Taking it easy

I was just taking it easy, lying in my grassy hutch looking out on the world and Thinking (which is hard work, you know), when Mummy came in from the garden and asked if I’d like to come up here and blog.  Well, I thought I might.  Get in some practice, you know…

First off I’d like to thank Auntie Dawn for the beautiful card and words inside it. She reminded me it’s ok to grieve for George, and I do in my own way, and I miss him, but I know we’ll be together again and he’s having a good time wherever he is.  And his teeth don’t hurt any more.  Mummy asks me if I’m ok, well she was asking me daily but she’s stopped as I kept saying yes.  She gives me a Look every now and then though.

She asked me if I’d like a young friend, whether I’d like to be Uncle Fred to somebody.  She told me about this little boar she’d seen in the pet shop that reminded her of me when I was little except he was more slate/lilac than me.  Trouble is she wouldn’t like to buy from a pet shop.  But she asked me to think about whether I wanted a friend anyway.

Well, that’s a question that needs a whole load of Thinking about, which is a good reason for taking it easy, in my view.  I’m quite content here on my own.  I’ve got the other boys to talk to if I want to but I don’t have to cosy up to them or bother about any of that dominance stuff.  A kid would be cute, but what if he turned out to be another Hector – a good chap in his own way but I can’t be doing with all that ‘me,me,me’ stuff.  I suppose it would be cool to be Uncle Fred, but then again, George and I understood each other’s ways so well, we never (well hardly ever) got in each other’s way except accidentally-on-purpose and we liked each other a lot.  So if someone new turned up I’d have to get used to them and make sure they let me be myself as well.  That sounds like hard work to me.  I think Mummy understands.  Maybe that’s why she lives with us and not anyone else.

I’ll just keep Thinking about it.  That’s what I’ll be doing if my eyes are closed.

3 thoughts on “Taking it easy

  1. Auntie Nixi

    Sounds like a good idea, Fred…have a good think and I’m sure when you’ve made your mind up, Mummy will know either way. She’s really good like that. 🙂
    I think I could do with taking it easy, we’re short staffed at work this week so I’ve been scheduled 7 days in a run. I’ve worked everyday this week except Monday, my next day off is Tuesday. I feel so tired!
    I hope Mummy isn’t working her lawn mowers too hard! 😉


    1. Fred

      I’m sorry you’re working too hard Auntie Nixi. I hope you have a lovely rest when you get to Tuesday and take that lovely big animal of yours for a long walk. He’s very pretty but he looks like he’s got sharp teeth.
      We’re not working that hard as we have to look for the grass rather than just mow, mow mow. I had a nice juicy patch today which I haven’t been on since last year, its the shadiest part but the grass still isn’t long, just longer and a bit juicier. With clover in it. Yum.


  2. Aww! You’re quite welcome, F. I know what you’re going through. I’m still grieving over Mariusz, and now with the passing of G — let’s just say it’s been difficult. But you and I will help each other through it, because that’s what friends do. And let’s help Mummy while we’re at it.

    Sad to say, but change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. Me, I don’t deal with change well. I think about M being taken from me, and I get angry. A lot of us humans are like that. We’re a silly species. You’re handling the loss very wisely and maturely, F — much better than I. I guess that’s due to your Philosophical nature.

    I have no doubt that you’ll see G again. It’s like Mummy’s stories: you two have separate adventures for a while, but always find each other again, and your bond becomes stronger than ever. Not even death can divide you permanently.

    Love you, F. Keep on Thinking!

    Auntie Dawn


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