Thank you Auntie Vikki

Mummy’s been away this week and Auntie Vikki’s been coming in to look after us.  She gives Hugo his medicines, gives us all fresh food and water, and cleans the cage out just like Mummy does.  Well, I think she cleans it a bit better than Mummy but maybe that’s just because she is taking care of us carefully.

We sometimes get a chance for a run, but the weather’s been a bit iffy and I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to put us out in case it rains.  I mean Mummy and I have an agreement on rain.  If it’s not too bad we sit in our tents till its over, but Auntie Vikki probably doesn’t know about that.

Hugo is having a great time organising her and checking she’s doing things properly.  In fact he’s being a right busybody.  Hector is a bit unsure of what’s going on, but Victor and Humphrey just relax and take things as they come as usual.  I think Victor’s actually very proud of Auntie Vikki as she was the first human he ever saw since she was there when he was born!  And she knows his cousins as well.

Anyway she told us Mummy’s due back tomorrow evening so she may not come in tomorrow, which is fine, we’ve got plenty of food to last us till then.  But sadly one of her piggies has died so of course she has things to sort out at home.

I’m sorry about that Auntie Vikki, but we loved having you to look after us and we hope to see you again soon.  X X

One thought on “Thank you Auntie Vikki

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Hugo? A busybody? I never would have guessed. 😉

    What’s that expression — something about a leopard never changing its spots. Well, certain pigs never change their Zorro stripes. Hugo will always be a Meddler, and god bless him for it. He’s so much like my Mariusz that I feel that, in a way, M has never left us. Long may he meddle.

    Auntie Vikki must have been thrilled to see Victor looking so healthy and happy.

    You boys are very lucky to have a diligent, caring, and pig-centric Auntie to look after you when Mummy’s away.


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