Census night

Tomorrow is the night that everyone in the UK has to fill in their census forms.  The census is a government count of all the people in the country.  It gives us all the statistics we need to count how many schools and roads and things we need and also in lots of years’ time your great grandchildren will be able to do their ancestry trees by looking you up on it.  Mummy said we weren’t included on it.  She thought about including us on it but decided not to.

So I thought I would put down my version of  the census answers for you to count.

H1.  Family members live here, and housemates.

H2. 6 of us live here

H3. Names are Fred and George, Hugo and Victor, Humphrey and Hector.

H6. Fred and George are Brothers, the rest are unrelated.

H7.  I think our accommodation is best described as a mobile structure.

H8. Yes it is self-contained

H9. How many rooms – 3.  Fred made me cross that out and put 5.

H10. 4 are bedrooms

H11. No central heating in the rooms

H12. We live here rent free.

H13. I think our landlord must be a relative.

H14.  No cars.

My individual questions:

1. George

2. Male

3. 13 06 2007

4. never married

5. No I dont stay at another address for more than 30 days a year (that’s why Fred made me include the upstairs rooms in our rooms count)

6. (skipped)

7. no I’m not a student

9. England

13. My health is generally Good

14. I don’t look after other family members or neighbours

15. English

16. E – slate tan

18. My first language is Cavie

19. I speak English very well

20. My religion is Animist

21.  One year ago my usual address was this one.

22. No passport held 😦

23. My day to day activities are limited a little by a long term health problem

25. I have these qualifications  Basic skills, Higher Cavy Diploma, and Engineering Degree.

26. Last week I was working unpaid for the family business

41. I work mainly from home

42. I usually work 16 hours a week.

I won’t bore you with the others’ individual questions.  Fred’s are the same except he has a Philosophy degree, not an engineering one, and his health is very good and his day to day activities aren’t limited by anything.

Hugo says his date of birth might as well be 01 11 2007, his health is Fair, and he’s a chocolate and white mis-marked Dutch so his ethnic group should be A-other European.  He wants to know what education is, so I’d say he has Basic Skills.

Victor’s date of birth is 20 02 2008 and his ethnic group is E – Abyssinian.  He is a student with a Higher Diploma.

Humphrey wants to put his date of birth down as 01 03 2010 and he’d like to be a B-Mixed/multiple ethnic group. He says he’s got very good health and he’s probably still a student as he missed out on college the first time round and he’s studying in his spare time to catch up.  I didnt realise that; I must arrange some help for him.

Hector wants to put his date of birth as 01 05 2010 and he’d like to be a D- Black British, and he’s a student too.

2 thoughts on “Census night

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the very useful information, G. It’s discriminatory that you can’t be included on Mummy’s census forms, but what can you do? The government, eh? In the famous words of Mariusz, Pffft.

    I did my US Census forms last year. I couldn’t put Saku, Mariusz, or the birds on it, nor can I count them as dependents for tax purposes. I think that that’s just wrong!

    “He wants to know what education is, so I’d say he has Basic Skills.”
    — Hmm, I don’t know, G. Hugo is very smart. I think he might have been pulling your leg there.


  2. georgiepig

    You may be right Auntie Dawn, but I don’t think he went to college or did formal studying. The University of Life is more Hugo’s line I think 😀


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