Moon pigs!

The moon has been getting big and round all week.  Well we know it gets round every 28 days and then it disappears slowly and then comes back again.  Fred has a theory or two about it but I’ve read the astronomy website and I know the science behind it.  I don’t want to spoil his philosophical thoughts though.

Apparently it was at its closest to us on Saturday, just before it was fully full, if you know what I mean.  It was shining in on Hugo & Victor’s cage at that point, and although we moved our grassy hutch into the middle of the cage on top of a pile of hay, so we could stand on it and look out of the skylight, it wasnt until much later in the night that it shone on us (and then only a little bit).  Sometimes it’s higher in the sky and we’re bathed in moonlight for hours at night (and mummy doesnt know about that as she never sees it).

Moon at perigee

This is the picture Mummy took of it from her bedroom window.  The moon is a bit bright and shows up a halo of thin cloud, but you can see the reflection in the mill stream that runs alongside our cage (on the other side of the wall!) as well as light rippling on the river.

I like gazing at the moon.  I imagine all sorts of things, like how one could fly to it, and whether there are friendly faces in it.

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One thought on “Moon pigs!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Science is all well and good, but I have a feeling that Fred’s philosophical musings are much more interesting.

    I like to look up at the moon too, G. It’s amazing how this small, unimportant (relative to the universe) body could be so beautiful and have such a profound effect on the oceans and on human life and culture. And the fact that it was around billions of years before us, and will likely be around after we’re all gone, kind of puts our little lives in perspective, eh G?


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