What a week!

It was a really really busy week last week!

We were busy in our run on Monday then Tuesday we had a bath, which was quite enjoyable really, grease glands cleaned and everything.  Then Mummy took us downstairs to dry off and we watched the racing all afternoon.  It isnt usually racing on Tuesday, only Saturday but it was special because it was the Cheltenham Festival and we watched Hurricane Fly win the Champion Hurdle.  It was all very exciting.

I don’t remember what happened on Wednesday, I must have been tired from the bath and slept right through it.  Thursday we had a very short run on the grass in the sunshine, and Hector & Humphrey had baths and then watched the racing.  Mummy told us that Big Buck’s (that’s really how it’s spelt) won the World Hurdle.  Humphrey also had a little bit of a haircut.  I’ve never had a haircut!  Then on Friday we had another short run on the grass and Hugo and Victor had a bath (not before time if you ask me) and they watched the Gold Cup which was won by Long Run.  They teased me and said they were supporting Gorgeous George in one race, but I know Hugo was really supporting Imperial Commander but he didn’t run as well as last year.

Then yesterday we went out on the grass for about two hours 🙂  It was nice in the sunshine but I preferred to hide under the tent and eat the  nice grass there.  Fred went out and had a bit more of a run around.  He said Humphrey and Hector were next to us, and Humphrey hadn’t come out of his bag the whole time they were out there.  I expect it’s all a bit new, and they don’t know they can walk on grass yet.

Last night we were being moon pigs, but I’ll tell you about that in a separate message.

One thought on “What a week!

  1. A very busy but enjoyable week for you boys, I’d say.

    You’re a short-haired piggie, G — you don’t need a haircut. Silly boy. I gave Saku the World’s Worst Haircut last week. He was fidgeting a lot and I couldn’t get a straight line. Oh well, his hair grows so fast that in a couple of weeks it won’t matter.

    I always call Hugo the Imperial Commander. The name suits him, or at least, it suits the way he thinks of himself. ❤

    Love ya, G.


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