Mummy’s stories

Mummy is trying to publish the stories she’s written about us, well about the Princelings of the East.  It’s not really what we do you know, they are just stories about piggies that seem to be an awful lot like us, living in a different world.

At the moment she’s trying to get an agent to represent us, well, her.  And she’s also thinking of doing some of the drawings of the Princelings’ world to go with the stories.  And she’s also in the middle of a story that features Victor.  She’s very busy, our mummy.  And she does real work as well as looking after us and tidying up.  Well, she says she does real work and tidies up but I’ve never really noticed her doing that. (puts in a smiley face for embarrassed!) (and laughs, cheekily!)

4 thoughts on “Mummy’s stories

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I think the stories are about you, G — about the things you, your brother, and V&H get up to when you think Mummy’s not looking.

    Mummy is indeed very busy — and very talented, wouldn’t you say?

    Mariusz says Pffft to any agent who doesn’t like his Auntie’s stories. Say what you will about M, he’s very loyal.


  2. Lady Snailspace

    I’ve been whittering on for what seems years about the amazing stories Mummy writes, and how they should be published 🙂

    If I were an agent I’d snap them up so fast you wouldn’t see my hands move!

    You go girl!


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