I’m better now

Yes, we went to the Cambridge Cavy Trust yesterday and Mummy handed me to Vedra who said hello and took me to the nice room at the back while mummy waited in the waiting room.

Vedra said some nice things to me then asked me to open wide and she popped the horrid wire things in but I was very polite and held my mouth open for her and she went snip snip snip and took the wire things out and my teeth were all better!  Just like that!

And then I went back to mummy.  We had a little picnic in the car (although I didn’t want the nice kale and herby hay she’d brought me just then) and then we came home.  And then I ate the kale and herby hay and shared it with Fred, ‘cos he’d missed me.

2 thoughts on “I’m better now

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, G!! I’m so happy that you feel better. Your Auntie worries about you.

    Mummy must have been so proud of the way you behaved at Vedra’s. Those metal thingees must be very unpleasant, but you know that Mummy would never bring you to anyone who would hurt you. You’re a very trusting and perceptive young man, G.

    The picnic sounds fun. Mummy always comes prepared, doesn’t she? I get carsick as you do, though, and I can understand your not wanting to eat the kale and herby in the car.

    I’ll bet you missed Fred as well, and Victor, and the fosters, and even Hugo! lol


  2. georgiepig

    Well, Auntie Dawn, yes I did miss Fred, and he missed me and Mummy said he had such a funny, forlorn look on his face that morning when he saw me being put in the box without him. And she told me off this afternoon for bossing him about and pushing him out of his grassy hutch in the upstairs run. Well, it is a very nice place to sit, but I suppose as it’s his favourite place and I have lots of favourite places I should let him sit in that one if he likes. I did, anyway, after I’d tested it for him 😉


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