I wish I didn’t have funny teeth

My mouth is uncomfortable again.  And I had to struggle when Mummy tried to fix them last week because the wire things were so scarey.  They are meant to hold my mouth open so Mummy can do my teeth but they scare me and they move and pinch my cheeks and tongue.  I’m afraid I squealed last time and Mummy was upset too.

I know Mummy did the right thing to try because I keep playing with my tongue on the front ones of my back teeth, the pre-molars.  I think Mummy managed to see them and saw they are growing inwards.  But she seems to have given up trying to look at them, and I’m quite pleased with that, but at the same time I worry in case she doesn’t realise they need trimming again.

I wish I didn’t have funny teeth that grow inwards, as well as funny front teeth that need trimming because they don’t meet properly either.  I’ve only got one bottom front tooth since the other one fell out.  I get fed up with Mummy checking my teeth, but then again, I’m glad she pays attention to them.

She did say something about going to Cambridge on Monday, so perhaps we’re going to see Dr Vedra again.  It’s a very long way though.  I hope it isn’t as noisy in the car as it was last time.  We had to go through a big rain storm which was scarey.  I hate my teeth 😦  I seem to be the only one that has trouble with them.  Why me?

Sorry, I shouldn’t moan.  But thank you for listening, I feel better now.

2 thoughts on “I wish I didn’t have funny teeth

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, you’re not the only one who has trouble with teeth. Your Auntie used to have lots of trouble. Did you know that human slaves get two sets of teeth — one as little slaves and one as grown-up slaves. Ours don’t grow continually like yours do.

    Well, when I was a little slave, I had lots of trouble. My first set of teeth wouldn’t fall out on their own, so they had to be pulled out. Then my grown-up set was very crooked, so this weird man called an “orthodontist” put a nasty set of metal wires and attachments on them. I had to wear this contraption for over three years! It hurt and pinched and was just ugly, and I didn’t smile with my mouth open for all that time. (Young slaves can be very self-conscious.)

    I’m sorry you’re having such trouble, G. You know that Mummy is doing her best, and you never have to worry that she’s not paying attention. That’s one vigilant Mummy.

    I hate car trips, too. But you can have a nice chat with Mummy in the car without Hugo stealing all the attention, and listen to some cool tunes.


  2. eppingstrider

    Aw Georgie ❤ I'm sorry you feel like that – and yes, I did feel awful about having to try with the wire things. But we are going to see Dr Vedra on Monday, so I hope it'll all feel comfy soon.


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