The new guinea pigs are here

They arrived the other day and Mummy settled them into the cage at the other end of the kitchen and they were very quiet.

This is the photo of them when they got in their cage:

Hector and Humphrey arrive

Hector is the one in the front.  He is very nervous and very fast and likes to hide as much as possible.  Humphrey is the really hairy one at the back.  He has long hair and Mummy brushes him gently for a few minutes every day.  He is very quiet and stares around wide eyed at everything.

Mummy has been picking them up and cuddling them for a few minutes after she cuddles us in the morning.  We still get our proper timing though.  She showed them to us on the first day and we see them when they come past for their cuddle.  Then she puts them down in a small run on the kitchen floor with a couple of our old tunnels and they are starting to wander round a little more.

Hugo and Victor went to see them, in fact Hugo visits every day and says they are just a bit shy, that’s all.  He also said they are quite big, in fact Humphrey is very big although he can make himself small as well, so I don’t really know what that means.  Hugo said they said they have a nice green and purple snugglesac.  Well, I didn’t like to say this to Hugo, but I think that’s the one that Hugo thought was too small for him, and Fred tried and he said it was a bit on the small side too.  So if Hugo thinks these two newbies are big, then how come they fit in the small snugglesac?

This is Hugo on his first visit to Humphrey.  I don’t think Hector was down on the floor at this stage.

Hugo meets Humphrey

They don’t seem to like the pellets they came with, and they ate the blackcurrant and oregano one we have sometimes for a change.  Then Mummy got some more Wagg muesli yesterday and apparently they’ve eaten theirs all up!   They are a bit wary of some of the veg Mummy gives them, although Mummy says they’ll soon get used to a more varied diet. They seem to understand carrot, lettuce and cabbage.  Hugo was shocked to see they had LEFT a piece of cucumber in their run.  He survived a whole 24 hours without cucumber the other day after Mummy ran out.  I don’t know how he managed 😀

2 thoughts on “The new guinea pigs are here

  1. Dawn

    Aww, Saku has hair like Humphrey’s, he can make himself big and small, and he stares wide-eyed at everything, too. It must be a sheltie thing.

    I hope you gave Mummy all due commendations for taking in H&H. They haven’t had a good life as you have, G. She’s giving them some joy and comfort and helping them learn that owning a human slave can be a good thing for piggies. If only all humans were as good as she, there would be no unhappy piggies in this world.


  2. georgiepig

    They are settling in quite well now, Auntie Dawn. They get a run out on the kitchen floor every morning. We don’t get to talk to them much because we usually go upstairs after our cuddles, but when we don’t go upstairs we have a good look at them when they go past and Mummy shows them to us as well. They seem nice, polite chaps, if a bit shy. But that’s to be expected, really.


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