George send his aplogloies

Hello I’m Victor.

George isnt well.  He had teeth trouble and a sore tongue.  Then he had an oepration to make his teeth better.  He still isnt feeling well.  But he asked me to look after this blog.  I’ve never done this before.  I’m not quite sure what to say.  I’ll tell you how George is ok? Next time.




5 thoughts on “George send his aplogloies

  1. Dawn

    Hey Victor,

    Nice to hear from you, although I wish it were under better conditions. Do keep us posted about George, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

    Your mummy tells me that you’re super-sweet and cuddly, and that you like tummy rubs. Awww!!!


    Your American Auntie,


  2. Victor

    Hi,hi,hi! Hi Auntie Dawn!
    Oh I love it when mummy lies me on my back. She strokes my cheeks. And gazes into my eyes. She has big blue eyes. and gives me tummy rub yes. It tickles.

    George seems a bit better. He lost weight but put in on yesterday. Fred eats his food though. Bit like Hugo and me. Fred is fat. He doesnt run around like Hugo and me.



  3. Dawn

    Hey again, V,
    I just popped in to see if there was an update on the blog, and noticed something: you’re like your mummy in your tendency to make typos. What on earth is an aplogloie?? Lol.

    Auntie Dawn


  4. George

    Dear Auntie Dawn
    I apologise for Victor. He’s not so good with words as me and Mummy. We just make typos and we forget to check. Victor doesn’t know how to spell so I think he did jolly well, don’t you. He didn’t have early schooling like me and Fred, but Fred is lazy and leaves it all to me. He says “That’s your side of the business” to me 🙂
    So I asked Victor to make an apology and he said “What’s an apology” but he did stutter over it and I didn’t realise he didn’t know how to say it or spell it.
    Please forgive him, Auntie Dawn.
    I still think he’s the best person to take over if I can’t carry on for any reason, don’t you?


  5. Dawn

    Hey G!

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. No apology necessary from you or Victor. Please tell him that I think he’s a super smart cookie and would be glad to hear from him at any time. I was just teasing him about the typo.

    Auntie Dawn


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