Bottom washing day :)

Mummy’s been saying she’s going to wash our bottoms when she’s cleaned us out for the past few days and today she did.  It’s not really our bottoms, just our grease glands, as they get quite sticky and attract the dirt.  Well, they do what they are supposed to do, produce grease, after all!

So after my cuddle she took me over to the sink and sat me on a pretty blue and white striped cloth with a funny texture, and got a glob of green globby stuff called swrfga or something like that, and put it on my grease gland.  She gently rubbed it round and round.  It’s really soothing when she does that and I closed my eyes and started to purr a bit.  Then she got a comb and started to comb the loosened bits of grease off.  That can be a bit ouch-making if they pull, but she’s very gentle and if it seems to tug she stops and rubs some more gunk in.  Eventually when I was all clean she picked me up so I sat on her arm with my bottom in her hand, then held my bottom under a running tap not too hot and not too cold, and washed all the gunk off.  Then she mopped me with a towel and said I could go back to let it dry as it’s a warm day.

I must say, it feels much better now.

Then she did Fred’s and he’s much cleaner now too.  He smells funny, but I expect he’ll get over that and smell like himself again soon.

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