Back at work :)

I’m back at work after my tooth operation and then my abscess operation, which I hope is getting better.  I have a bare chest and a U shaped scar with some funny threads sticking out of it at present.  Mummy puts sticky honey cream on them every day to help it heal,  although I squeak when she does it as it’s a bit sensitive and it stings however hard she tries to be gentle.

Here’s me at the moment:
George in stitches

I also have to have tubejuice twice a day which I hate.

Mummy has been telling me some more stories about the Princelings of the East.  Well, about some of the other people in those stories.  The Adventures of Victor after he leaves Buckmore is one of them.  I also want to know more about Hugo-Lord Mariusz and how he came to find the time tunnel, and she said she’s writing something about that too.

It’ll be great when she’s written those, won’t it?! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back at work :)

  1. Lady Snailspace

    Yes George!It will be great 🙂 I’d love to see some of Mummy’s stories in print as a book!! It’s good to see you feeling better xxxx


  2. Dawn

    You look so adorable here, G. Then again, you always look adorable. They say scars on a man just make him look more ruggedly handsome.

    I heard about your little mouth infection. I’m sure that’ll clear up in no time.

    Can’t wait for more of mummy’s stories. Mariusz wants to know when he’s going to be the main focus of attention. Sigh….

    Auntie Dawn


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