Stabbed again!

Mummy took me to see that nice lady vet, Lenka today.  Well, she is a nice lady but sometimes she stabs and squishes me.

Mummy was worried about the lump under my chin which had been swollen again this morning.  She always worried about my lumps in case I get abscesses which I got last year and I nearly died from.

Anyway Lenka said I was allright and she proved to mummy it was only saliva in my lump by stabbing me and drawing off the liquid.  Lots of mls of saliva, Lenka said.  Mummy was a bit embarrassed but I think she wants to make sure I don’t get ill again, so I don’t mind really.  She gave me a nice piece of cucumber and thyme to eat on the way home, so I enjoyed my trip really.

3 thoughts on “Stabbed again!

  1. Dawn

    You’re a brave boy, George. I’m proud of you (as always).

    Sometimes piggies (and people) need to be stabbed and squished. I know it hurts. You’re lucky to have a mummy who loves you and worries over you.


  2. George

    Thank you Dawn. It is nice not having the lump there today. Mummy says it will grow again but she’s not going to worry unless it gets really big. Fred was very nice about it, he was sniffing where she stabbed me and giving it a little lick to make me feel better. Fred’s my buddy 🙂


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