Beetroot – yum!

Mummy gave us a couple of bits of peeling from the beetroot she was making into soup the other day.  I love beetroot, it is lovely and juicy and sweet and a pretty colour.  It makes our poos go a pretty colour too.  But it’s perfectly ok so long as we don’t have too much of it.

beetroot poopYou can see the two on the far right are normal colour, then the others are a range of beetrooty colours!  Aren’t they pretty 🙂

3 thoughts on “Beetroot – yum!

  1. George

    I’ve been plaiting a necklace for her from the hay she gives us. I keep standing on my toes though and breaking the hay stalk. Do you think she’d prefer beetroot poo? It’s not as edible as hay.


  2. Dawn

    Well, I don’t know, G. Hay is probably more … sanitary, but the beetroot poo is just so colorful! You’re the artist; you decide.


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