My trip to the dentist

I went to the dentist today.  Well, I went to see my lovely friend, nurse Jan at our vets.

Jan saved my life.  Well, that’s what mummy said.  I had big problems with my teeth and abscesses last year and had to have an operation and then another and then mummy had to go away when I was recovering so I stayed with Nursie and she made sure I got my medicine and got my wounds cleaned and drained and mummy said she couldnt have done it nearly as well and thanks to nurse Jan I got better.

Anyway, today I went to see her again so she could check my teeth.  Fred went too and mummy didnt let us have anything to eat before we went so that Jan didnt have to look through loads of gungie veg that we stored in our mouths for later. 

Jan gave me a cuddle then she cleaned my bottom!  Then she washed her hands and cuddled me in her arms and checked my teeth.  She put her little finger right in my mouth to check the gap at the back.  She tasted nice, cos I chewed her a little but I didnt bite her!  She said my teeth were ok, but might have a little knobble on the very back ones, so she took me out to the back of the surgery and filed off the knobble.  It wasn’t very comfortable when she did it, but I was very good and when I came back mummy gave me a bit of cucumber for being a brave boy.  And then we came home and I went to sleep for a few minutes, then mummy brought us some lovely fresh food and herbs, lots of lovely thyme.  Mmm I like thyme.

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